Real Couple from 'The Vow' Kim & Krickitt Carpenter: 'God Selected Cast'

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter who inspired the movie "The Vow" have opened up about what it is like to have your life made into a movie.

"The Vow" opened in theaters everywhere last Friday, just in time for Valentine's Day, and stars A-list actors Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

While a heartwarming and inspiring film, the story of Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) barely scratches the surface of the real-life couple who wrote the book, The Vow.

The Christian Post spoke with the authors, the Carpenters, about the car accident that left Krickitt with no memory of her husband Kim.

The two-truck collision occurred as the newlywed couple was traveling to Krickitt's parents' home for Thanksgiving in 1993.

"I relied on the Lord 100 percent," said Krickitt of her recovery process. Eighteen months of her memory had vanquished; including the moments that caused her to fall in love with, and marry, Kim.

"Once I accepted that I was married to this man named Kim and I had been in accident, I just kind of went with it. I trusted what my parents said and I had wedding pictures and videos, and I turned to the Lord."

Krickitt explained that her marriage remained in tact because of the vow she made with God.

"I had a really strong walk with the Lord, and I definitely trusted His purpose for me."

"The world has tried to make me out as some kind of hero for sticking with her when I had the option that I could have left," added Krickitt's husband, Kim.

"People don't realize the courage that woman undertook who stepped out on her faith and working it out a second time around."

"The Vow" author did not try to sugar coat the struggle he endured while coping with his amnesia-stricken wife. Kim wrote of the money problems and the frustration he suffered while he and his wife recovered from the accident and fought for their marriage.

Kim felt compelled to tell the story in the most honest way possible so that people could understand that they consider themselves "ordinary."

"The world is really trying to portray Krickitt and I as being this unbelievable couple, people use words like 'remarkable, unique, one-of-a-kind, heroic, impressive, inspiring,'" explained Kim.

"Those words in many ways sadden us, because this whole thing, we're getting so much attention and draw from the world about a man and woman who simply did what they said they were going to do, what does that tell you about the world we are living in?"

Kim and Krickett maintained their vow to marry "until death did us part," and wish to urge people to give marriage a greater effort.

"God is using this for His glory, it's just, we're the messenger," said Kim.

Upon viewing the new movie, "The Vow," the couple agreed that it captured part of what they had endured emotionally. They are thrilled that their tale has reached such a huge outlet, and as the film gathers popularity, more and more people are hearing an inspirational story about love.

"The Vow" remains the highest-grossing movie in theaters today, and has earned over $1 million within its first week in theaters.

"It is the pinnacle of what we really found to be an answer to prayer," said Kim of the movie. "Look at what this story has reached, and now we just tapped into so much more, it's amazing what God has done with this story."

About "The Vow" star actors McAdams and Tatum, Kim revealed his thoughts.

"It epitomizes God's timing and the portrayal, in my opinion, I think God selected that cast," said Kim.

"I mean these are two people that are high-powered that influence people all over the world that are well known, who have had great success, but they also had a common bond and chemistry in a movie who were able to emulate the characteristics we have in our daily life."

The Carpenters cherish the moments they spent on the set of the movie and the memories from attending the screenings. Hearing viewer's reactions, especially the fans who are taking another look at their own marriages, was "the best part."

"We had someone come up to us and tell us that we are the inspiration," said Kim. "A security guard came up to me and said, 'Mr. Carpenter I want you to know I saw the movie and it changed me, when I get back home I'm gonna work it out with my wife,' and he was crying."

This week, the Carpenters have appeared on "The Today Show" and continue to spread their story while traveling and holding press meetings. They look forward to returning to New Mexico where they live with their two children, Danny and LeaAnn.

"We are very blessed," noted Kim.



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