'Real Housewives' Alexis Bellino Short Hair Criticized by Gretchen, Tamra (PHOTO)

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino recently showed off a much shorter hairstyle, and two of her Bravo TV co-stars have accused her of copying the new look.

Bellino, 32, removed her long blonde hair extensions and cut her natural hair, opting for a short blonde bob haircut. Her former friend Gretchen Rossi, who recently debuted her own new look, took to Twitter, where she and Tamra Barney blasted their co-star.

"I wanted 2 do this cut for over a yr!after last season nothing scares me!Thoughts?" Bellino tweeted alongside a photo of her new do. Hours later Rossi, 34, suggested that Bellino had copied her.

"Some call it...single white female!" Rossi wrote in one tweet before tweeting Barney. "Funny when people copy a lot of things u do! Weird or compliment? what do u think @TamraBarney."

Barney, 44, who was embroiled in a bitter feud with Bellino for the majority of the last season, did not hesitate to criticize Bellino.

"Fans rockin your style is definitely a compliment but somebody you know that's just creepy!" Barney tweeted in response later. "At first it's a compliment but after they continue to do it over & over it's like get a life!! Your own life!!"

Bellino responded to Rossi's and Barney's criticisms when one of her 300,000 followers defended her new haircut.

"thank you Dana...my hair looks nothing like hers," Bellino tweeted in reference to Rossi's hairstyle later adding "OMG...weird! I never even paid attention to her hair cut, but does she own a patent or something?"

"Let's just put this fire out now . . . I'm probably putting extensions back in 365 days from now and I'm not copying anyone. I'm calling it now. LOL," she wrote in another post.

This is not the first time that Bellino has been bullied by her co-stars on Twitter. At the beginning of August, Barney accused the mother of three of buying Twitter followers in a bid to appear more popular.

Barney claimed that Bellino's husband Jim previously told their co-star Slade Smiley that Bellino had in fact purchased Twitter followers, although the allegations were later denied.

"Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow! Guess who got caught buying twitter followers," Barney tweeted Thursday along with a link to a Rumor Fix report that supports her theory.