'Real Housewives' Brandi Glanville Slams 'Pitbull' Faye Resnick After Bitter Confrontation (VIDEO)

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville recently slammed Faye Resnick over their bitter confrontation, which aired on Monday night.

The former model was reduced to tears during a dinner party that was hosted by her co-star Kyle Richards, who is also a friend of Resnick. Resnick, who has made regular appearances on the Bravo TV reality show since it's inception, lambasted Glanville over a dispute involving another housewife, Adrienne Maloof.

"Kyle brought her pit bull-slash-puppet Faye 'Rancid' in to attack me about events and things she had nothing to do with and wasn't even present for," Glanville wrote on her blog post Monday.

During Richards' dinner, Resnick, a former Playboy model-turned-interior decorator, demanded that Glanville, 40, apologize to Maloof for outing a family secret to the other housewives. Glanville, who has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with Maloof for several months, refused to do so, but Resnick pushed the issue, which led the mother of two to suffer an emotional breakdown.

"I don't know Faye from Adam, and it's none of her business, so she should just shut the f--- up," Brandi said in an on-camera interview after the incident.

Glanville accused Resnick of being an attention seeker before taking a swipe at the 59-year-old's controversial past. Resnick is most known for testifying against O.J. Simpson during his infamous 1995 murder trial months before going off to pose nude for a men's magazine.

"It was very obvious she was fighting someone else's fight for the simple need for attention, which has been very clear since 1994," Glanville wrote.

Resnick, who many critics have blasted as a bully over the incident, attempted to justify her behavior in her own personal blog post.

"I thought it was important for Brandi to understand the severity of what she had said and offer her a solution on how to try to make amends," Resnick wrote. "The attacks on Adrienne and Paul [Nassif] was beyond belief. These statements are made with no purpose other than to be hurtful and cruel."

To see the confrontation, click below (WARNING: Adult language used).