'Real Housewives' Gretchen Rossi Slams Tamra Barney's 'Hurtful' Behavior After Public Diss

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @gretchenchristine1Gretchen Rossi with her best friend Tamra Barney

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi recently opened up about her co-star Tamra Barney's behavior two months after a very public diss caused conflict.

The 34-year-old handbag designer described Barney's behavior as being "confusing" and "hurtful" at times in a Bravo TV blog post. In a recent episode Barney, who has been widely criticized for her uncontrollable rage that has been prevalent throughout season eight, acknowledged the source of much of her pain which Rossi applauded.

"I'm very proud of Tamra for facing her fears and getting up and speaking about something so personal! ... Honestly hearing some of the details helps me understand her a little better," Rossi wrote regarding a key note speech delivered by Barney at the Los Angeles Women's Expo.

"I hope she continues to seek counseling about being closed off because it can be very confusing and hurtful to friends like me that care about her and try and really be there for her," she added.

In March Barney, 44, openly ridiculed Rossi, who is also an aspiring singer, by suggesting that she cannot sing.

During an interview with allabouttrh.com, Barney was asked which of the "Housewives" is her favorite singer. Rossi has been trying to establish her singing career for several years.

"None! They all suck!" Barney sniped. When asked whether the statement included Rossi she unapologetically explained "Yes! Have you heard her sing? Are you going to argue with me? No Housewives should sing! I think the only one that kind of has a voice is that Melissa Gorga … kind of."

Rossi took offense to the catty comment and recently revealed that she believes Barney has tendency to constantly sabotage her friendships.

"I've realized that if you get too close to [Tamra], she sometimes just shuts down or in strange way almost sabotages the relationship, and you're not even sure what you did," Rossi wrote.

"I finally do question her about this later on, so stay tuned," she added.