'Real Housewives' Kandi Burruss Suing Kim Zolciak Over Song

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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss has reportedly filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against her co-star and former best friend Kim Zolciak.

The singer and songwriter, who is being represented by fellow "Housewife" and attorney Phaedra Parks, claims Zolciak, 34, made profits from the sale of her 2009 single "Tardy for the Party."

Parks claims Zolciak released and sold "without [THE] plaintiffs' authorization, license or consent" in court documents obtained by Us magazine. Co-writer Rodney Richards is also suing Zolciak.

Burruss, 36, has reportedly requested that a temporary restraining order be issued to block further sales of "Tardy for the Party." In addition to punitive damages, attorneys fees and a jury trial the reality TV star wants the "destruction of all copies of the infringing single and any other product of defendant's that infringe plaintiffs' copyrights."

Zolciak, who received mixed reviews to the song, recently denied that she owes Burruss any money. The mother of four cited a second song entitled "Ring Didn't Mean a Thing" which Burruss wrote for her in an attempt to support her claim.

"If I owed her money, why did she do another song," Zolciak tweeted March 13. "Kandi tried to pull the song down in Dec on iTunes but after I showed documents and proved points song was immediately put back up."

Bizarrely, "Tardy For The Party," which reportedly sold over 100,000 copies, has been credited to Zolciak's teenage daughter Brielle.

Burruss, who has written songs for Destiny's Child among other famous artists, previously blamed herself for not receiving a cut in the profits.

"I hardly got anything from Tardy for the Party. That is the truth," Burruss wrote in a 2010 blog post "I am not mad about it. I really blame myself because I didn't handle my business correctly."