Real Housewives of Atlanta News: Marlo Hamton Talks Rumored NeNe Leakes Fight

Marlo Hampton, the socialite who became popular on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is opening up about rumors that she and friend NeNe Leakes were involved in a physical altercation.

"None of that is real. I'm going to tell you this much. I definitely didn't get into a fight with anyone, to where I was going to have a physical altercation," she told Atlanta radio station V103 recently. "And I definitely didn't see Nene bust any producer upside the head with a bottle".

Hampton's defense of Leakes comes after the actress and reality television star was rumored to have engaged in an altercation with Bravo TV producers. Hampton only appeared in the series during its fourth season and did not return for the fifth.

However, former co-star and actress NeNe Leakes brought her friend along as a bridesmaid for her recent wedding, which was also filmed for the latter's spinoff series, "I Dream of NeNe." Now, Hampton said she will be back on the scene for season six of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"I'm taping a couple of scenes here and there," she told Radar Online recently. "I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you that, but yeah."

Still, Hampton insists that she is being judged by viewers unfairly.

"I just want people to realize I'm human. I'm human. I have feelings. I'm a great person, I'm a fun person, I'm an Aquarius," she said on V103. "So, if I don't get along with you, something's wrong. And I mean, as black women, we need to stick together."

Hampton's comments come after Leakes publicly bashed her former friend and spoke about why she did not fit into the show.

"When Marlo and I worked on 'Real Housewives [of Atlanta],' she was just appearing here and there," Leakes told Entertainment Weekly recently. "When we worked on 'I Dream of NeNe,' I could see her business sense, and it just wasn't attractive." NeNe told Entertainment Weekly. "..After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife because she's super difficult. She's super extra."