'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Show Fuels Ongoing Feuds (VIDEO)

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The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" season finale ended with a bang on Sunday night and the reunion show special will likely outdo the finale show, with the recurring drama and catfights reaching new heights.

Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita recently filmed the season four reunion show where ongoing feuds escalated, reducing some cast members to tears. Despite rumors that Laurita refused to participate in the reunion show, the 42-year-old mother of three was present and at one point her feud with Giudice, 40, became the prime focus.

"When [Melissa and Kathy] originally were coming on the show I felt bad for Teresa because I know Teresa didn't want them on the show," an emotional Laurita said in response about what went wrong with her and Giudice's long-term friendship.

"Because I didn't want this to happen, what's happening ... I haven't spoken to my brother in a year!" Giudice interjected.

"She wanted me to call them out on everything! You were telling me what to say! Making me uncomfortable and I had other things going on in my life ... All you cared about is exposing them!" Laurita went on while fighting back tears.

As expected, Giudice's Bravo TV co-stars were furious and teamed up against her following Sunday night's "strippergate" finale show. Gorga, 33, accused her sister-in-law of plotting with outsiders to embarrass her at the Posche fashion show by allegedly asking a man named Angelo Vrohidis- a former manager of a gentleman's club- to expose her past as a stripper.

Giudice denied having any involvement in the alleged set-up. At the reunion show, she was stunned to hear Laurita and Manzo, 51, both suggest that she had previously told them that Gorga used to work a dancer. Giudice denied ever doing so, which angered Laurita.

"You are a liar! You are sick! You are going to hell!" Laurita yelled.

Manzo, whose daughter Lauren joined her on stage at the reunion show, exchanged low blows with Giudice. The personal attacks became so severe that Gorga felt compelled to condemn Giudice for taking it too far.

"You are a fool! Look in my face 'cause I'm gonna educate you!" Manzo screamed at Giudice after the mother of four criticized her children for being unemployed. Manzo then mocked Giudice's dress by calling her a "pageant girl"

"Look at yourself you have three rolls! Blubber, blubber and blubber ... thank you!" Giudice shot back before brining up Manzo's "tummy tuck" surgery.

The drama did not end there with Wakile, who is Giudice's cousin, claiming that she was mocked for having a basic home and for lacking designer goods.

The reunion show will air on Sunday Sept. 30 at 10pm ET and renowned trouble maker Kim DePaola is expected to make an appearance.

Trailers for the the reunion show is below (WARNING: Adult language and content.)