'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 5 Trailer Reveals Drama, Violent Brawls (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) BravoTV.comReal Housewives of New Jersey season five returns June 2 8/7c

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" season 5 kicks off on June 2 and judging by the trailer, viewers are can expect a whirlwind of catfights and recurring drama.


Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile are all returning from season four and new addition Jennifer Dalton joins the cast. Bravo TV producers reportedly added Dalton, who is a close friend of Giudice, in an attempt to promote a more balanced show.

"Jennifer has been filming non-stop with Teresa, Kim D, and Elvira The Party Planner," a source reportedly told allthingsrh.com.

"Jennifer is a real estate agent ... and is married to a prominent, and very wealthy, New Jersey real estate developer and is reportedly a friend of both Teresa and [former housewife] Dina Manzo," the source continued. "She attended Teresa's Fabellini launch party last season, and she already has a good relationship with Bravo and has appeared on Pregnant in Heels."

While the cast appears to be in a much better place this season, a violent brawl recently threatened to open old wounds.

Teresa's husband Joe Giudice and Melissa's husband Joe Gorga reportedly got into a physical altercation while shooting scenes for season five during a retreat in Lake George, New York.

Melissa, who is Teresa's sister-in-law, and Joe Gorga, who is her younger brother, were reportedly arguing with the mother of four, which triggered Joe Giudice's violent reaction.

"It all started when Melissa and Joe Gorga were in a room with some other people, and they were arguing with Teresa," a source told Celebuzz.com.


"Teresa called for her husband, and when he came into the room, Joe Gorga charged at him," the source said with another insider adding that "Joe Gorga charged at Joe Giudice, and Joe Giudice put him in a chokehold."

During the season four reunion show taping, both Joes launched into into a screaming match while defending their wives. Joe Gorga blamed his sister Teresa for driving a wedge between him and their parents and his rage appears to have continued into season five.

"Joe Gorga got behind Joe Giudice and had him in a bear-hug— but not the affectionate kind," a source said. "Joe Giudice punched Joe Gorga in the side, twice. Teresa was there, but she left the room mid-fight."

In April, it was revealed that yet another violent brawl ensued however this time it involved Jacqueline, 38, and her husband Christopher along with Joe Gorga.

"Joe Gorga approached a guy named Jonathan Karagiorgis and confronted him about all the things he's said about Melissa [Gorga] on Twitter, and Jonathan admitted he was writing about her," an insider allegedly told Fox News' Tom Murro.

Jacqueline reportedly then got involved in the dispute after her husband Chris allegedly began confronting Karagiorgis. Chris has been furious over claims suggesting he and Jacqueline fabricated their 3-year-old son Nicholas' autism diagnosis.

"Jonathan was not backing down, and that's when they all started to exchange blows! Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and b---- smacked Jonathan on the back of his head!" the source revealed.

"This is where the Manzo boys along and Lauren Manzo jumped in out of nowhere to break up the fight!" the source went on, adding "bowls were broken, glass everywhere."

The second brawl resulted in charges being filed against the Lauritas and Joe Gorga, and the case is set to go before a grand jury.

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