'Real Housewives' Ryan Attacks Judy: Marine's Rage Result of 'Something Greater,' Says Lydia (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Courtesy: Bravotv.com"Real Housewives" Ryan Culberson has been criticized over his treatment of Judy Sterling

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lydia McLaughlin recently spoke out regarding an incident involving her mother Judy Sterling and Ryan Culberson, which aired during the season eight finale show on Monday night.

The mother of two, 32, was reduced to tears at her co-star Vicki Gunvalson's winter wonderland-themed party after witnessing the aftermath of Culberson-- Gunvalson's son-in-law-- and Sterling's heated conflict. The U.S. Marine verbally attacked the 64-year-old grandmother because she had placed her feet on Gunvalson's couch before attempting to kick her out of the event.

"She had her feet on the couch. I said, 'Can you please take your feet off the couch?' She disrespected the house. I said, 'Can you please take your feet down?' and you didn't. You laughed at me and you said, 'Who are you?'" an enraged Culberson explained minutes after his outburst.

Gunvalson, who befriended McLaughlin at the start of season eight, quickly tried to diffuse the situation and calm Culberson by explaining that Sterling is in fact "Lydia's mom." Despite Gunvalson's attempts, the father of one refused to back down.

"I don't care whose mom it is! ... I'm going throw her a-- out! I'm not f------ around! ... she was a b----!" Culberson concluded.

Outraged viewers flocked to social networking sites shortly after the episode aired to condemn Culberson's behavior. McLaughlin suggested that there may have been another reason behind his rage in her Bravo TV blog.

(PHOTO) Courtesy: BravoTV.com"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lydia McLaughlin

"I have to believe his reaction has more to do with something much greater than the condition of their new couch," McLaughlin wrote about Culberson, whose deployment to Afghanistan was pending at that time.

"I am proud that my mom remained so calm when Ryan was yelling profanities at her," she added.

McLaughlin explained the reason behind her tears after viewers saw her breaking down over the incident.

"I was so traumatized and in tears because I felt responsible for my mom. I invited her to have a wonderful night with my new friends. I know that drama seems to follow everyone, but I didn't think it would involve my mother," she wrote.

"I was feeling protective of her. I left her alone for two minutes only to find that she was being verbally assaulted and getting kicked out ... Tamra and Alexis were so sweet to follow us out and calm us down," she continued. "Vicki went above and beyond as a friend to make us feel comfortable."