'Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong Drinking Heavily, Headed To Rehab?

Taylor Armstrong is reportedly being urged to check into rehab for excessive drinking by concerned friends. Reports have surfaced that she is struggling to cope with the problems in her life, which include losing her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" job.

The 40-year-old has been signed on to film season 3 of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hill," where Bravo TV producers will use her drinking problems as a plot line, although she will reportedly be phased out and eventually fired, according to Radar Online.

"Producers reluctantly decided to sign Taylor for the next season and I think a lot of their decision was based purely on the fact that they felt bad just dumping her after all she went through last year," a source close to the production told Radar.

The mother of one became one of the most talked about housewives on the Bravo reality TV show, after her husband, Russell, committed suicide in August just one month after she filed for divorce and she has reportedly become increasingly dependent on alcohol ever since.

"Taylor has been relying on alcohol to cope with the suicide of her husband, Russell, and the stress of raising a child as a single mother. Viewers got a glimpse of her drinking last season on the show when she had an epic meltdown at Camille [Grammer's] Aspen mansion. Taylor got so intoxicated that she climbed into her suitcase. It was very scary for all of the ladies to witness," a source said.

"The fellow Housewives feel that Taylor needs to go to rehab to learn how to cope with the pressures of life without alcohol or any other substances. Taylor is in denial that she has a problem with booze," the source added.

Armstrong, who once made headlines when she was seen with a black eye on one episode of the "RHOBH" show, claims that she was the victim of domestic violence during her marriage to Russell, which some critics say resulted in her drinking problems.

Bravo executives will phase her character out of the show after season 3 because since Russell's death she has no longer been able to offer juicy drama.

"Everyone's concerned that without the marriage drama she's just going to come across as dull," a source said.