'Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Accepts Anderson Cooper's Apology (VIDEO)

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Twitter: Teresa Giudice"Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" breakout star Teresa Giudice returned to the "Anderson" show days after being blasted by renowned journalist Anderson Cooper so that he could offer her a heartfelt apology.

The mother of four was recently left stunned during her initial appearance on Cooper's daytime talk show after the CNN host openly criticized her for her behavior on the hit Bravo TV reality show. After receiving backlash for his treatment towards Giudice, Cooper, 45, he invited her back and apologized.

"After I did that interview someone in the audience got involved, it was a teacher...said to me that I had been rude and I always listen to teachers. It got me thinking and it made me really sad that I would have been rude because I didn't want to be rude," Cooper explained.

"I hate rudeness and honestly all day long I was worried that I was rude. I was like popping Nexium because I had heartburn because the idea of being rude so upsets me. I watched the interview last night and I think I came off as really aggressive and there was no reason to be really aggressive...I want all my guests to feel respected," he went on.

Giudice, 40, accepted Cooper's apology and went on to discuss her on-going family feuds involving her estranged brother Joe and his wife Melissa. She conceded that fame contributed to the breakdown of their relationships but remains optimistic about a reconciliation.

"I love my brother, he's my only brother, we come from a small family. When he wants to be brother and sister again I am there for him, I will never turn my back on him," a tearful Giudice said.

"...It's been a year and I haven't spoken to him because of fame... I hear that fame ruins a family and it has ruined my family," she added.

During her initial appearance on "Anderson," Giudice was grilled about the upcoming "RHONJ" season four reunion show special in which she is seen blasting her former friend and co-star Caroline Manzo, 50, as fat.

"Why do you want to be that person?" a puzzled Cooper asked Giudice.

"I'm not that person, but you need to understand that I've known Caroline for a long time and at the reunion show I had four women attacking me, I did nothing to any of them," she responded

"But you don't need to say...no matter whose attacking you, you don't need to say somebody has three roles of fat," Cooper countered.

"But you know what she said to me?" Giudice asked as she attempted to explain before Cooper interjected to audience applause. "I don't care you're not 12 years old!"