'Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Denies Calling Melissa Gorga's Daughter 'Ugly'

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" breakout star Teresa Giudice has denied claims made by her co-star Melissa Gorga that she called her niece "ugly."

The 40-year-old reality TV star took to her personal website on Monday, where she dismissed her 33-year-old sister-in-law Gorga as being a liar for telling the tale. Gorga suggested that she mocked her 7-year-old daughter Antonia's physical appearance.

"Melissa is using our children in public, telling lies about them, to try and hurt me. Please Melissa, say whatever you want about me, but leave innocent children out of this!" Giudice wrote in a blog post on TeresaGiudice.com.

Giudice went on, writing about "the evil story [Antonia's] mother told to a magazine about me calling her 'ugly'...It's absolutely NOT TRUE. I adore you Antonia, and I adore Gino and Joey. You are my blood. You are Gorgas. You are beautiful inside and out!"

Gorga, who is married to Giudice's estranged brother Joe, claimed that when she signed Antonia to a modeling agency, Giudice quipped, "I heard Antonia got accepted. Yeah the ugly kids always get picked," according to Us Weekly magazine.

The mother of three took to Twitter shortly after Giudice blasted her claim regarding Antonia as an "insane lie."

"Did T seriously write a whole lying blog about my daughter? This is why I'm moving. Always about her. #enoughalready," Gorga tweeted.

The pair, although once close, has been at odds and embroiled in a bitter feud throughout seasons three and four of the hit Bravo TV show.

During the season four finale episode, Gorga accused Giudice of plotting with outsiders to embarrass her at the Posche fashion show. Giudice allegedly asked Angelo Vrohidis- a former manager of a gentleman's club- to expose Gorga's alleged past as a stripper.

The allegations reignited their bitter feud.