'Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Talks Reunion on 'Wendy Williams' (VIDEO)

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" breakout star Teresa Giudice recently appeared on the "Wendy Williams" show, where she was grilled about the drama surrounding her ongoing feuds with her co-stars.

Giudice, 40, came face to face with Caroline Manzo, 50, Jacqueline Laurita, 42, Melissa Gorga, 33 and Kathy Wakile, 45, for the reunion show taping months after wrapping up filming for season four. Talk show host Wendy Williams summed up the setting as being "four against one," and she questioned Giudice about her behavior on the hit Bravo reality TV show.

"You just impress me as a woman, no offense, that does not have it altogether up here ... there's something wrong with you Teresa!" Williams blasted while tapping her own head.

The blunt talk show host then proceeded to ask Giudice about the season finale episode dubbed "strippergate" by Bravo TV producers. Giudice was accused of setting up Gorga, her estranged sister-in-law, and plotting with outsiders to embarrass her at the Posche fashion show. She allegedly asked a man named Angelo Vrohidis- a former manager of a gentleman's club- to expose her sister-in-law's past as a stripper.

"If you really watch it I think I was set up. I mean everyone knows that (at the Posche fashion show) there's gonna be some kind of drama. I've never seen Angelo [Vrohidis] in my entire life!" Giudice hit back.

"You have to keep watching the episode because someone reveals what really happened," she went on.

At one point during the reunion show, Giudice was embroiled in a vicious confrontation with Manzo and her daughter Lauren. The mother of four mocked Manzo about her weight and criticized Lauren for getting lap-band surgery as a quick fix to lose weight.

"[Lauren] does look great. Andy Cohen asked me my opinion and to me I just turned 40 and I never had a workout and now turning 40 it catches up to you and I've been working out really really hard and now I see results but as I'm saying I work out really hard and I eat right," Giudice explained. "So my thing is she's 24 years old and I see heavy women at the gym working out and busting their butt ... I think you should do a lap band after you have children ... after you've tried everything."

Williams also asked Giudice about Wakile's alleged plastic surgery, suggesting that she may have had extensive facial work done. Giudice refused to comment on the matter, however.

Watch the video below.