Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Gets a Vice Documentary on Her Appearance and Spirituality (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Valeria Yukanova)Valeria Yukanova the "Human Barbie"

Valeria Lukyanova 'The Real-Life Barbie,' is in headlines again after a documentary about her was produced by the media company Vice.

The documentary, "Space Barbie," follows the Ukrainian model as she goes through extreme image changing and explains her cosmetic surgery body morphing.

"Valeria wholeheartedly claims not to be a real lady at all, but a time traveling spiritual guru whose purpose is to save the world from the clutches of superficiality and negative energy," reports I4U News.

She is called "Odessa Barbie," and considers herself a demi-god.

She claims she has spiritual powers and gives seminars and lectures on spirituality. Valeria said she uses her physical appearance to draw attention to her ideas, according to the documentary.

"I asked myself if everything was alright with my head. I hear voices all the time and see different beings. One day I decided to visit a psychiatrist. I told him everything. He listened to me carefully and said it was very lucky it was him because with another doctor I definitely would have been taken to a special place. He said 'I've been studying esoterism for years and can see you are psychic,'" she said reports Inquisitr.

"Dolls are based on the image of refined girls," Valeria said in the documentary, and claims although people make the comparison to her appearance, she never set out to look like one.

"I never thought that my sister would be called a Barbie. She's always had this doll-like look, but a doll is associated with an unintelligent person, and since my sister is very bright and interesting, I've never associated her with Barbie," said Valeria's sister, Olga in the Vice documentary.

Watch the documentary here. (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)