Reba McEntire 'Death Hoax Prank' is 'Not Funny'

Reba McEntire has called out those who promote death hoax pranks on Twitter, stating that they are cruel and not funny.

Reba McEntire was one of the first celebrities to fall victim to a death hoax on Twitter. A number of other celebrities have since had to tolerate reading about their deaths on numerous websites, despite the fact that they are alive and well.

Earlier this year, a Twitter rumor began that Reba McEntire had fallen off of a mountain and died somewhere near Austria. Her death was then reported by a number of other websites. Reba's nephew, Trevor, first heard of the country singer's supposed passing while buying gas at a convenient store.

McEntire relayed to story while appearing on "The Talk" Friday.

The country singer explained that she had received a phone call from her older sister, who was asking if she was OK after Trevor reported that he had been told she was dead and became hysterical.

"First time I heard of it my sister called me, my older sister Alice, and she said her son, Trevor, called her, just crying," Reba stated.

Trevor overheard two other patrons at the gas station reporting that they were shocked about an artist, who they had just seen in concert, passing away.

"And he was paying for his gas and then they said, 'Oh man I just saw her in concert not too long ago.' And he went, 'Who you talking about?' And they said, 'Reba McEntire just got killed.'"

After hearing the news, Reba reported that her nephew was devastated. Fox News also added that the boy suffered a panic attack. Following the incident, Reba has come forward to speak out against those who start death hoaxes.

"There are so many of those hoaxes that are just going around and I think it's cruel. That's not funny," Reba said, insisting that the hoax prank should come to an end.