Recent 'Left 4 Dead 3' Teaser Image Proven to Be Fake

ValveAn image from Valve's "Left 4 Dead"

An alleged teaser image for "Left 4 Dead 3" that surfaced recently has been debunked. Over the weekend, fans of "Left 4 Dead" were thrilled when what seemed to be a Valve developer Facebook account shared an image for the highly-anticipated sequel. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just another made-up image intended to give false hopes to fans.

The Facebook account in question recently changed its cover photo into a teaser image for "Left for Dead 3." The image was apparently derived from the classic four-fingered hand of the zombie from the original game, except that its pinkie finger was not present. Since the Facebook profile bore the name of Valve developer Ted Carson, many were led to believe that the cover photo was actually an official teaser for the next installment of the game. However, it was not.

Following a scrutiny of the Facebook account, it was discovered that Valve's website was actually hacked. Aside from it listed Ted Carson as a female, it was also registered with an unrelated Gmail address, suggesting that the account was indeed fake.

The teaser image also reportedly appeared to be an edit of a screenshot from the first "Left 4 Dead" game, only that it featured a missing pinkie finger. Gamerant pointed out that while the image looked persuasive enough to made fans believe that it was legit, it was not something that Valve would possibly rely on.

After posting the fake teaser image, the same Facebook account posted another update — another edit featuring the "Left 4 Dead" zombie hand holding a card with a text that read, "The 'Left 4 Dead' Card Game."

Valve has been quiet about "Left 4 Dead 3's" release date. In fact, it has not been giving updates about the game at all so it's not even sure if there is going to be a third installment. Currently, the first two installments are available on both PC and Xbox 360.