Red Panda 'Pullups' Trick: Zoo Animal Makes Working Out Look Easy (VIDEO)

A Red Panda in China revealed a high degree of intelligence and impressive stamina while wowing a crowd with his gym abilities.

From the Panda World reserve in Fuzhou, China, this particular ball of fluff is more buff than most. During a recent exhibition of his strength, he managed to show a crowd of onlookers how easily he could manage doing pull ups on dangling gym rings. One report referred to the panda as an "Olympic" contender.

"Red Pandas are usually shy, but this furry animal shows off its guns," The Mirror U.K. wrote. "Chinese Olympic selectors will keep their eyes on this hidden talent."

Red Pandas are native to the eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. While it is known as a solitary animal, when attempting to communicate the animal makes a twittering sound.

The Red Panda isn't the only one taking an active approach to fitness though. A second animal made the news last month, unveiling impressive swimming skills.

One cat, not very entertained with keeping active, was taught to swim by her owner, Dani Lawhorne. The owner feared the her cat had become too obese due to its lazy habits.

"She won't do anything else. I've tried to take her outside. She doesn't like the outdoors. She won't run around, she won't play with cat toys. She doesn't like catnip," Lawhorne told CBS News. "Anything normal that cats like she just doesn't like."

The cat did, however, appear to have a penchant for swimming. Lawhorne claims that her kitty loves the pool. She dresses her cat up in a lifejacket for safety, and lets the cat doggy-paddle around the pool.

"She's lost about 1 pound in the past 6 months," Lawhorne said, "so that's good but she's still got a bit to go."

To see the Red Panda's pullups, click below.