Redondo Beach Shooting: Man Killed, Police Hunt 'Person of Interest' (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)This person of interest, Erick Ortega, 27, is being sought by police for a Redondo Beach shooting.

A Redondo Beach shooting has left one man dead on Friday night, and sent shockwaves through the beach front community, according to reports.

Bobby Reynolds, 38, was shot and killed in the shooting, and devastated relatives have now made a public plea for anyone with information about the killing to come forward and speak to authorities.

Police still have not managed to arrest anyone in connection with the shooting, but they are hunting one "person of interest."

The incident took place at about 8 p.m. local time on Friday night, and police were immediately called with locals reporting hearing gunshots on the Redondo Beach area. The killing took place near Lilienthal and Ralston lanes.

Police quickly responded to the emergency and found Reynolds laying in a pool of blood near his mother in law's apartment.

His mother in law, Margaret at the weekend, "They've left a woman without a husband, two kids without their daddy, and a mother and father without a son."

She described: "Not even 10 minutes after he left the door here, I heard pop, pop, pop."

The victim was reportedly rushed to the nearby Harbor General Hospital in Torrance, but was later pronounced dead.

According to Redondo Beach police Capt. Jeff Hink, authorities do not believe that the shooting was a random act of violence, but are investigating the killing under the assumption that Reynolds was specifically targeted.

He also reported that authorities are hoping to speak to Erick Ortega, 27: "It appears as though [Bobby] was specifically targeted. This was not a drive-by shooting. He was completely defenseless when this happened, so it's really a shame for him and his family. Obviously we want to clear this up and get someone in custody as soon as we can. It starts with contacting this person of interest, Mr. Ortega."

Authorities also believe that the shooter fled in a Chrysler 300 with another person. Ortega owns the car in question.

The vehicle was found just a few blocks away from the crime scene.

Here is a video news report into the killing at Rodondo Beach: