Reese Witherspoon Changed Outfit Six Times Before Meeting Kate Middleton

Actress Reese Witherspoon says she was so nervous to meet Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton last summer she changed her outfit six times.

On Friday's episode of "Ellen," Witherspoon revealed that meeting the most fashionable woman in the world was a good reason for a wardrobe crisis.

The two met July 10, 2011, when Middleton, 30, toured the U.S. with husband Prince William.

"Somebody called me and said, 'We're having a really small fundraiser. Would you want to come over and meet the Prince and Princess?' I was like, 'Yes!'" Witherspoon said. "My husband [Jim Toth] just thought I was so dorky. He was like, 'Why are you so excited?'"

"I must of tried on like six outfits," Witherspoon said. "I'm meeting a princess! You don't understand. You have to be wearing the right outfit and the whole thing."

The star of "This Means War" decided on eventually a Hanii orange dress.

Jim Toth apparently found it amusing to watch his wife become so star struck over Middleton. She said she had such a goofy smile about it, a smile she has when she gets excited, and her husband has named it the "double-barrel."

Ellen DeGeneres responded by pulling up a picture of Witherspoon giving the same goofy smile while shaking hands with the Duchess, amusing the audience.

The Oscar-winning actress said she would love to be friends with Middleton, and "hang out" with her more often. "I mean, I would like to hang out. I'm not sure she wants to hang out with me. I could see that happening," she joked.

When asked by DeGeneres about Middleton's personality she replied: "She was really nice. She was lovely. She's so composed. She seems like such a lady and I think it's so nice nowadays to see someone with such nice composure who carries herself so beautifully."

Witherspoon turned her face into the camera, hoping Middleton might be watching and said: "Call me. Call me anytime."