Reese Witherspoon's Parents Bigamy Lawsuit

Reese Witherspoon's mother Betty has filed a lawsuit against her husband for bigamy this week.

Mary Elizabeth, or "Betty" Witherspoon alleges that her estranged husband John Witherspoon has wed another woman despite still being married to her. The parents of the Golden Globe Award-winning actress will head to court later this year.

The 60-year-old starlet's mother filed the lawsuit in Davidson County Tuesday seeking to have his new marriage annulled. Witherspoon says her estranged husband cannot be married to Tricianne Taylor, who the lawsuit is also filed against.

A wedding announcement in The Tennessean on April 22 indicated John Witherspoon had married Taylor on Jan. 14 in Gatlinburg, Tenn. and that a summer reception in Nashville is planned.

Witherspoon indicated that not only is she still married to her husband who she loves, but that she fears for his safety. She claims that John Witherspoon is suffering from early on-set dementia and has a history of drinking, reported USA Today. Additionally, Witherspoon is worried Taylor is trying to take advantage of her estranged husband in order to gain marital assets.

"When I confronted my husband, he said he didn't know who Tricianne Taylor was and that he did not remember getting married," Witherspoon said in the affidavit. "I also fear for my husband's personal safety and the safety of my family."

Her lawsuit is filed against both her husband and Taylor, who she tried to contact before filing the case.

"She clearly knows now that she is married to a man who is not divorced," said the affidavit.

Many reports indicated that during her marriage to Jim Toth last year, Reese Witherspoon did not allow Taylor to attend. The actress has not commented on the lawsuit involving her parents.