Reggie Bush on Darrelle Revis Injury: 'What Goes Around Comes Around'

Darrelle Revis, the New York Jets star cornerback, suffered a season-ending knee injury in a narrow overtime win against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, and now the Dolphins' Reggie Bush is implying that he may have deserved it.

Bush, the Dolphins' running back, recently spoke on The Paul and Young Ron Show in South Florida about the Jets' speaking badly about his team and possibly losing one of their best players as a result.

"It's like the old saying, 'What goes around comes around,'" Bush said on the radio show. "They talked about all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player for the rest of the season. So, it's sad that it happened because of that, but I'm going to be back."

Bush's comments stem from Jets head coach Rex Ryan saying that he wanted to put "hot sauce" on Bush after the RB was named the league's second leading rusher going into week three of the NFL. The comment comes from Jets' linebacker Bart Scott, who said the same thing about Bush when the RB was playing for the Baltimore Ravens years ago.

After the comments were made, Bush injured his left knee in the 23-20 loss to the Jets' on Sunday night. However, the RB said his injury was nothing more than a bruise, and that he would be returning to play with his team in the near future.

However, Revis' injury may result in him missing an entire season, according to ESPN reports. The 27-year-old CB went down while trying to defend a reverse screen pass shortly after Bush was taken out of Sunday's game.

Ryan admitted that playing without Revis will be a challenge for his team and coaching staff.

"Absolutely, it's a personal challenge to me. It's a personal challenge to [defensive coaches] Mike Pettine, Bob Sutton," Ryan said in a Newsday report. "Any coach worth his salt always takes things personally. You find ways of trying to help your guys. It takes a total commitment from the players and the coaches."