Religious Defamation Charges Reflect Practices of Authoritarian Regimes, Says Egyptian Politician

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the Constitution Party, explained that contempt of religion and insulting the president are charges found only in authoritarian regimes.

ElBaradei added that the prestige of Egypt has declined under extreme poverty, ignorance and disease.

"If the National Salvation Front (NSF) participates in the elections, it will run under unified lists as the Brotherhood does. The front has enough experience and competence to save Egypt," ElBaradei pointed out.

"We will not pick fights with any individual, but rather we are running as an alternative for the Egyptian people. Our goals are to create a favorable investment climate and quality education. The NSF includes members possessing intelligence, vision and ability. If our vision fails, then we urge people to remove us from power. This is the democracy," he added.

According to ElBaradei, the criteria for holding a reconciliation meeting with businessmen from the former regime is unclear. The Muslim Brotherhood must understand that their organization represents a political faction, and no initiative will succeed without the participation of other factions.

"Many Egyptians regret the revolution because of poor administration on the part of the military council or the Muslim Brotherhood," ElBaradie noted. He added that "99 percent of protests and demonstrations in Egypt are related to faction."

"My role is to enlighten people, and I do not seek a position of power," ElBaradei explained. "Time is not on the side of the regime, and my message to President Morsi is to change the system of governance," he concluded.