Religious Leaders One of Top 12 'Indestructible Careers'

Religious leaders are one of twelve "indestructible careers," according to a list created by – the nation's largest job search, employment and careers site.

The report guarantees the staying power of working as a spiritual guide, something that will last no matter how society has evolved.

"While we haven't quite reached the age of flying cars, we've certainly made significant strides in civilization," stated the article by "Gone are the heydays of goldsmiths and wheelwrights, but an element of those jobs live on in one form or another. With advancements in technology and science, so come changes in jobs working with them."

When noting why the job of religious leaders is "everlasting," the article explained that people will always need someone to turn to for spiritual advice. Whether people like it or not, religion is going to be around for awhile.

"As people continue to ponder the meaning of their own existence, a majority find a need for people to assist them with a form of spiritual guidance," the article added.

Some of the other jobs listed included doctors, farmers, soldiers, and scientists.

Among all of them, many of the jobs did not necessarily pay that well. Religious leaders make a mean salary of $34,000. This was about the median salary among all twelve jobs.

On the list, the lowest paying job was farmer with an average basic income of $15,603, and the highest paid position was doctor with a normal salary bringing in about $120,000.

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