Remains Could be Kelli Bordeaux, Missing Soldier

Police have discovered remains near the site of Fort Bragg and believe they may belong to missing soldier Kelli Bordeaux. She has been missing since mid-April, when she failed to report for duty.

The remains were found on the Eastern Training Area at the Fort, but police would not confirm whether they were human or animal. They have been sent to a forensic laboratory for analysis. According to reports, police received an anonymous tip about a body on the grounds and soon found the remains.

Bordeaux was last seen leaving a North Carolina bar early Saturday morning, and bar worker Nicholas Holbert told ABC News that he was the mystery man who gave Bordeaux a ride home that morning but that she was alive when he dropped her off at her home. Holbert, 25, is a registered sex offender has been questioned in relation with the case.

"As soon as you drive into the entrance to Meadowbrook, she said 'stop right here,'" he told ABC News. "So I stopped and she said, 'I'll walk home.' I said, 'Are you sure?' She said, 'Yeah.' I said I figured she didn't want me to know where she lived, or somebody was there and she didn't want to be seen together."

Police are also searching a pond in the area, ABC News reported. An anonymous tip led them to the pond, which is several miles away from the bar where Bordeaux was last seen.

Authorities have described Bordeaux as a hard-working soldier; she was reported missing after failing to show up for duty Monday morning.

"Being a soldier to Kelli isn't something she'd jeopardize for anything," Bordeaux's sister, Olivia Cox, told ABC News. "Missing work isn't something that's in character for Kelli. This is an out of character thing to happen to my sister."

"I just want my sister home," Cox said in an emotional plea. "Please give her back. Please just return my sister." In July, the family held a charity event to keep the memory of Bordeaux alive and in the public's eye.

"I know it's scary to do the right thing, especially if you know a hard truth, but you can't imagine how difficult it is for my family," Cox told Fox News. "Her birthday is a month away and she's not here. She's not going to be here for Thanksgiving."

If anyone has any information about Bordeaux, please call (910) 483-8477.