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Report: Forced Abortion in China Takes Life of 7-Month Boy

A graphic photograph currently circulating China's social media platforms reveals that tragically a seven-month-old male fetus was forcefully aborted on Friday, March 22, proving that China has yet to enforce its recently-implemented ban on late-term abortions.

The forced abortion reportedly occurred Friday, when local family officials arrived at the home of Ms. Lü , a 33-year-old Chinese woman seven-months pregnant with an over-quota child in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The officials, who were reportedly tipped off by an informant regarding Ms. Lü's pregnancy, took the mother to the local hospital and injected her uterus with a potent chemical solution to induce the abortion.

Ms. Lü's seven-month-old aborted son emerged two days later on Sunday, and the woman's husband took a very graphic photo (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) of the child which has been circulating China's internet for the past few days.

Brian Lee, executive director of All Girls Allowed, an organization that fights to end female infanticide in China, said in statement emailed to The Christian Post that he hopes the international media will work to pressure China regarding its continued practice of late-term abortions. 

"The international media has an excellent opportunity to expose this case and remind the Chinese government that the world is watching," Lee said.

"We pray that Ms. Lü and her family would lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus, and that he would stretch out his hands to heal them from the deep wounds they have suffered," Lee continued.

"We invite people everywhere to join together in prayer as we ask Jesus, the Lord of heaven and earth, to move quickly to end the One-Child Policy and to set his people free from the yoke of slavery that has kept them in fear these many decade," Lee added.

The forced abortion that occurred this past weekend reminds many readers of the June 2012 incident in which Feng Jianmei,a 20-something woman of the Shaanxi province, was beaten by birth control officials and forced to abort her seven-month-old baby girl.

A graphic photo of this previous late-term abortion victim was also posted on China's version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, and a massive local and international outcry forced the Chinese government to issue a public ban on all late-term abortions, both on a national and provincial level.

According to an All Girls Allowed press release, the Anhui province was one of the places to adopt this late-term abortion ban, although evidently it has not been implemented.

"These unspeakable acts of horror must come to an end. This case clearly reveals that no amount of 'tweaking' the One-Child Policy will enable national or provincial officials to rein in abuses at the local level," Lee said in the recent press release, referring to the forced abortion of Ms. Lü.

"We call on President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, Vice Prime Minister Liu Yandong, and Ministry of Health Head Li Bin to completely abandon coercive family planning and to strip all Family Planning Officials of their authority to persecute innocent women," Lee added.

Other critics contend that the Chinese government's claim to ban late-term abortions was just a facade to end international pressure. 

In September, the Women's Rights Without Frontiers activist group argued that China was claiming to implement the forced-abortion ban simply to take the international pressure off of the government.

"WRWF (Women's Rights Without Frontiers) agrees that pressure is mounting to end forced abortion in China. However, to announce that the Chinese government has already banned it is, in our opinion, premature and inaccurate," the California-based coalition stated, as previously reported by The Christian Post.

"We need to keep the pressure on, not celebrate propaganda designed to take the pressure off," the coalition added.

China has been implementing its One Child Policy, which restricts urban couples to only having one child in an attempt to maintain population control, since the 1970s.

Multiple reports indicate that this One Child Policy poses grievous consequences for women forced to endure late-term abortions, with the victims suffering both emotional and physical trauma.

Feng Jianmei, for example, still continues to seek medical treatment for complications arising from her late-term abortion.

In a separate case, All Girls Allowed reported that last week, Yang Yuzhi, a 42-year-old Chinese mother of four, took her life at a local family planning office after enduring two botched sterilization procedures.

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