Reporter Stops Kisses When Affronted by 2 Women on Live TV (VIDEO)

Fox News report Mike Tobin has been praised for his professionalism after calmly turning down the attention of two young women during a live report.

While reporting live on the suspects involved in the Boston bombing, Tobin was approach by two young women who attempted to give him a kiss on the cheek. But revealing impressive peripheral vision, Tobin threw his arms to the side long before the women's lips could reach his cheeks.

"Please don't do that," the reporter said, stopping mid-sentence to reproach them before returning to his report. Tobin continued to reproach them women on Twitter, stating that their timing was inappropriate given the gravity of the report. The report regarded Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction

"Heckling comes with the biz. But it's not like they would not no the sbjct," Tobin wrote on Twitter Monday. "I hope their friends let thm no it wz inappropriate."

The video has since gone viral, but Tobin has not made any further remarks. Other Twitter users however applauded Tobin and awarded him with the hashtag, "GraceUnderPressure."

"MikeTobinFox executes the double stiff arm defense with commentary and continues his live report. #GraceUnderPressure," one user wrote.

"That was great Mike fought off 2 kiss bombs and didn't miss a beat!" another user said.

Other Internet users were even more gracious and suggested that Tobin, by quickly difusing the situation, had improved not only his own reputation, but also the reputation of Fox News.

"Fox News is a hint better because of this," the user said.