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Requests Spike for 'BibleStick' Devices Providing Spiritual Support to Army Experience

Requests Spike for 'BibleStick' Devices Providing Spiritual Support to Army Experience

A Christian software developer that creates "BibleStick" pocket-sized digital audio devices that can play the entire New Testament is reporting that requests for its product have spiked higher than ever before as the July 4 holiday approaches.

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) said in a statement that since 2008, more than 218,000 units have been freely distributed to more than 1,000 chaplains who have used them during pre-deployment briefings, counseling sessions, chapel services, Bible studies and upon direct request of service members. The organization was established in 1972, and is celebrating its 40th year of ministry.

FCBH also revealed that those demands were rising, and as of the first half of June, more than 80 chaplains have asked for over 20,000 Military BibleSticks to be used in the Army.

"While a surge in demand can quickly deplete the ministry's inventory, FCBH continues to view that as a blessing in disguise," the organization said.

"We really have to work diligently year-round to meet the ongoing requests from chaplains, but the reward for us and our great donors is knowing more and more of our troops have access to God's Word with their very own BibleStick," said Troy Carl, vice president of Faith Comes By Hearing.

The Bible software program is mostly funded by individual donors, who respond to on-air campaigns done on Christian radio and TV. Additionally, more than 5,000 congregations across America will discuss the project around the 4th of July holiday, and have partnered with the ministry to ensure Army men and women continue receiving as much spiritual support as possible free of charge.

"As we celebrate our country's birthday, we need to remember and honor those who are defending the freedom and independence we cherish," Carl continued. "We will continue to do that by providing God's Word in audio for their spiritual protection as they continue to protect us."

Besides BibleSticks, Faith Comes By Hearing also provides free access to Audio Scripture in over 650 languages through streaming and downloads.



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