'Resident Evil: Vendetta' Voice Cast Arrives at E3 2017; Exclusive Trailer Revealed

Facebook/residentevilvendettaPromotional image for "Resident Evil: Vendetta."

The voice actors who played the main characters in the upcoming 3D animated film "Resident Evil: Vendetta" were present in the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo last week where the movie's trailer was also previewed.

The action-thriller animated film is marketed as "Biohazard: Vendetta" in Japan. It will feature a narrative that happens in-between the events of the "Resident Evil 6" and "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" video games.

"Resident Evil: Vendetta" will feature protagonists Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman), Leon Scott Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) and Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill).

Chris is on a mission to stop the death merchant named Glenn Arias (John DeMita) from unleashing a deadly virus across New York City as an act of vengeance. To do it, he needs to team up with government agent Leon and Alexander Institute of Biotechnology professor Rebecca.

Talking about the film on the E3 2017 stage, Mercer said on UPI: "It brings in three major players in the Resident Evil franchise that haven't really had much interaction previously." He added, "It's got a good blend of the over-the-top action that we've come to expect from the series."

As for the film's narrative and cinematic approach, Cahill commented: "It's a great blend of tense scary moments and character driven moments with some really kick [expletive] incredible action scenes."

What also sets this movie apart from other video game-themed films is the fact that it will be screened in movie theaters for a very limited time only. While some may think it might not be conducive in terms of the commercial aspect of the franchise, Mercer thought of it as being the other way around and said the limited time aspect rather makes it a "special event."

"It becomes a special occasion and everybody in every one of those theaters is going to be a hardcore Resident Evil fan meeting other fans who are as hardcore as they are, so it becomes this amazing community event," Mercer added.

"Resident Evil: Vendetta" was screened in theaters in North America on Monday, June 19. It will then be sold via digital copy release starting June 20, while Blu-Ray and DVDs of the film will be available on July 18.