Restaurant on 'Kitchen Nightmares' Closes, Owner Blames Show for Failure (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Facebook/Chappy's on Church)Chappy's on Church owner John 'Chappy' Chapman

Chappy's on Church was a restaurant featured on "Kitchen Nightmares" for its lack of business and chaotic environment. The restaurant has closed, and the owner blames "Kitchen Nightmares" for its failure.

When Gordon Ramsey arrived, Chappy's on Church was suffering from a lack of business in the heart of Nashville. The owner, Chef John "Chappy" Chapman, was determined to bring Cajun food to the city and actually blamed Nashville citizens for "not understanding" that type of food.

Ramsey left, and it appeared as though Chappy was willing to make the recommended changes in order to help business. Not too long after the famous chef left, though, Chappy went back to his original ways, which again caused a drop-off in business. He made the announcement of the restaurant's closure on Facebook.

"I love Nashville. Nashville's been great to us and we love all our customers! This is a very sad day since we have worked so hard. We shouldn't have done Kitchen Nightmares," Chappy wrote. "We have spent several months struggling to come out of a negative situation. Plans are forthcoming right now and in the meantime, we are taking a break and spending time with family. Thank you."

A report by WSMV Channel 4 found that there may be more to the story than Chappy is letting on. The report states that a sign on the restaurant's door said that the building was seized for non-payment of Tennessee state taxes.

This is not the first time that a failing restaurant has blamed "Kitchen Nightmares" for its closure and/or bad publicity.

Amy's Baking Company famously accused Gordon Ramsey of portraying them in a negative light and embarrassing the owners. They received a great deal of publicity after the show aired, with customers complaining and citizens going to the restaurant just to see if it was as "seen on TV." "Kitchen Nightmares" is one of three American series featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

Watch a report on Chappy's HERE: