Resurrection to Appear on Silver Screen Again, Again, Again

Scores of movies have been made to represent the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, but a new film pitched this month will be one of the first to document the time after Jesus' death up until the Pentecost.

Risen—The Story of the First Easter has been put into the works by Hyde Park Entertainment, and will focus on the Apostle Peter as he retells the events following the resurrection of Christ up until the Pentecost, 40 days after Easter.

The movie is just one of at least four upcoming films that will tackle the same period until Jesus' ascension, revealing a growing interest in the previously unexplored timeframe after Jesus' Passion Week. Others include FoxFaith's The Inquiry, Canadian based-film The Sword of Peter, and "Left Behind" author Tim LaHaye's The Resurrection.

"I think there is a commercial marketplace and need for movies that have hope and values," said Hyde Park head Ashok Amritraj to the Daily Variety in response to the "chaos" in the world. "It's a big deal for us."

As of now, Risen still has not signed on a distributor, but popular screenwriter Paul Aiello has been confirmed to write the script.

No production schedule has been set yet as well.

Hyde Park has released several large studio affairs including Bringing Down the House, Raising Helen, and the recently released Premonition with Sandra Bullock.

The senior VP of the project also happens to be Patrick Aiello, brother to the screenwriter Paul Aiello.