Retired Pastor Scours World for 'God's Fingerprints'

A pastor who just resigned this past Sunday is already on to his next mission: to gather a team of interviewers to collect stories of faith from around the world.

Ron Rose, 60, former senior minister for the Woodland West Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas, left his post after he felt called to do greater mission and after teaching about faith in action over the past year.

He will now try to show people how God is working throughout the globe and leaving His "fingerprints."

"Hearing real people tell about the fingerprints of God in their lives will inspire and instill hope, in a hope-challenged world," said Rose, in a statement.

Currently, Rose is recruiting a "team of believers" who share the same dream for the new mission, called the Stories of Faith Project, still in beta form. Once found, he will send them all out to interview people anywhere where God has made a significant impact.

"I will be spending my summer sharing the mission, acquiring the resources, and building the team," explained Rose in a statement. "There is no time for retirement. The task is huge, I know, but God is bigger."

After the interviews are acquired, these "God Thing" stories will be aired on radio spots and eventually posted onto the web via mp3 format. A production team and interested stations have already been contacted.

Rose is asking for people to submit their stories online at his website, He encourages anyone to post and is looking for "real people who have experienced the fingerprints of God in their lives."

"We want real faith stories from people of all ages - from church-goers and church-avoiders, from life-long believers and new kids on the block," notes the website. "If God has come close in your life, tell us about it."

Also, included on the website is a sign-up for the pastor's free weekly e-mail called "Ron's Monday Faith~Notes." They are for "serious believers," explained Rose, who want to take their faith to the next level.

"It's not for everyone, just for subscribers who want to move their personal faith beyond a list of beliefs," added the Texas preacher. "So, if you want your spiritual life to move out of the shallows and into the deep, if you want to put faith in action, then my Monday Faith~Notes will give you a game plan for the week."

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