Rev. Run Says God Expects Mature Men to Be Faithful in Relationships

Rev. Run, rap artist turned practicing minister, has teamed up with singer Tyrese Gibson to release a book called "Manology" and recently shared his thoughts on men cheating while using the Holy Bible.

Rev. Run, born Joseph Simmons, is a married minister with six children, and he decided to collaborate with Gibson to offer an alternative perspective about men in relationships. The pair have been promoting their book together and recently appeared on New York City radio station Power 105.1's Breakfast Club Morning show to speak about infidelities in relationships.

While Gibson is a single father who is not quite ready to settle down, Run used the Bible to demonstrate his points about why a man should stop cheating on his spouse as he matures.

"The Bible says that when you get older, you walk away from those things. That's where Run's House came into things," Run said on the radio show, referencing his former MTV reality television show Run's House. "It became so popular because you are like this is the after rap, this is the next look. As time goes along and you get older, you want that look."

The rapper-turned-minister used other high profile individuals to emphasize his point.

"You want to look like Jay and Beyonce. Run's House didn't look so bad for Jay. He was like I saw him one day, and I was sitting in my suit and he said, 'I like that,'" Run revealed on the Breakfast Club. "Then you look at LL [Cool J] going back transforming and pulling his family together, you look at Barack Obama. There is a time in a man's life when he pulls it together and that looks good."

While Run said he does not believe God will be upset with men who decide to be unfaithful in relationships during their youth, he said that the Bible does call for maturity in matters of love.

"You can do it when you're young. It is a decision. You can be a young man and look up to what Run's House is now and say, 'I'm not into all of that,'" Run said on the radio show. "So, its an immature thing with young men, and God is not mad, the Bible says it clearly, when you are young, you act foolish and when you get older, if you are smart you will fix it."