Rev. Steve McCarty: Heaven on Wheels

 As many Christian ministers look to reach out to groups not usually found in church, one Episcopal priest in Maryland has focused on seeking the lost among the biker community.

The Rev. Steve McCarty, vicar at St. Andrew's Church in Clear Springs, has been holding monthly mass for motorcyclists since June 2012.

McCarty, a Harley Davidson rider himself, told The Christian Post that his interest in outreach to this community stems in part from his own connections.

"I am a biker, I ride a Harley. I see my interaction among other bikers as meeting people where they are. Jesus calls us to go out into the world," said McCarty. "As an Episcopal Priest, and one called to Administer the Sacraments, and spread the Gospel, I feel that this Great Commission involves being on the move; we must take the Church on the Road. Actually, Church is what we outside our places of worship, not inside 4 walls. We go inside the 4 walls to worship, we go outside to do Church."