'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: Lydia Returns and Arguments 'Get Physical'

Last night's episode of hit ABC drama "Revenge" saw one of the show's most shocking twists. Lydia Davis, played by Amber Valletta, returned to the show. Lydia had not been seen since season one, where she appeared to have died in a plane crash. For spoilers on what's next for Lydia from Amber Valletta herself, read on.

Valletta recently sat down with TV Guide to discuss her return to the show and what's next for her character. It seems Lydia will be stirring up some drama.

"Once I make my presence known, my scenes will be with Victoria, Conrad and Emily. Lydia is still genuinely in love with Conrad, and also knows something's not right with Emily. There are some classic lines coming and things with Victoria get really gnarly. We go toe to toe and it even gets physical. The [expletive] is back!" the actress told TV Guide.

Though Lydia's return will be a central plot point for quite a few epsiodes, Valletta and the rest of the cast did not always know she would be returning. Even after Valletta knew, she had to keep her return under wraps.

"It was really hard for me to keep it secret because I'm good friends with some of the cast … I see Madeleine Stowe a lot in my neighborhood, and when I bumped into her she still didn't know. And if anyone would have known, it would have been her. Then I accidentally said something to her husband and told him not to tell her, but then I got a text from Madeleine saying, 'I can't believe it; I'm so glad!'" Valletta said to TV Guide.

"Revenge" airs Sunday nights on ABC.