Reviews and Reactions to Google’s Chromebook

“Neat, but why do we need it again?”

The Chromebook, in Acer and Samsung models, was made available for sale today in online retailers like in an apparent bid from Google to usher in ‘cloud’ based products and apply its take on such emerging business tech giants like Apple and Amazon have also been investing in.

Before getting further into the specifics, experts have categorized the chromebook in a category of its own claiming that although it possesses hardware features normally found in conventional notebooks, its net-related function and reduced pricing-$500 for a 3G and $430 for a Wi-Fi only Samsung S5 Chromebook- make it resemble the netbook as well. Nor does it fall within the popular iPad tablet category due to the fact that it still possesses a full sized keyboard while tablets use touch displays or because it can be put to use to generate content practically as opposed to tablets which normally function more for to consume content.

Now, a little more on the Chromebook

The obvious pitch Google is making through the low capacity hard drive the Chromebook possesses (16 Gigabytes) is directly related to the device’s integration to the internet. When Google made Chromebook’s initial announcement a few semesters back, it surprisingly alleged that one day the hard drive would be put to rest due to the fact that all data would be stored in cyberspace in the future. Finally, the release of the Chromebook is a small but, significant step towards that direction.

Specifically, you would have documents, movies, pictures, music, apps, and others, stored in secure Google servers accessible from any place in the world given the availability of a computer with the Chrome OS and an internet connection.

Say hello to Google’s Cloud technology? Or come back a little bit later?

Let’s see what reviews the Chromebook’s release received today.

What analysts’ and consumer’ are saying:

Google Chromebook works great as long as you're online – Edward C. Baig, UsaToday

The Chromebook Series 5 could initially find it difficult to gain acceptance among users because they may not see how they can use it, it’s a product awaiting the creation of a use case - Wayne Lam, IHS iSuppli senior analyst

THERE WILL NEVER BE SECURITY ON THE INTERNET. Protect your FILES. Never listen to such hype. The idea "Keeping your files, documents, apps and other data will be securely stored in cyberspace" is a lie, lure, and a mirage. Thus, keep your important data to yourself – anonymous

Chromebook is not a new idea. Although the Chrome OS is nice and the cloud computing concept seems the correct step towards the future, I do not like being in a contract or tied to a particular piece of hardware. There are free open source Cloud OS you can get anywhere that can be operated from any comp. It just seems better... – Willster23