'Revolution' Season 2 Spoilers: Characters Will 'Reap Consequences'

An all new episode of the popular NBC show "Revolution" airs tonight. Show creator Eric Kripke and a few of the show's star actors recently teased what is to come in tonight episode. Be careful, as this article contains spoilers.

Surprising many fans, Aaron died, and then came back to life. Show creator Eric Kripke discussed this turn of events in an interview with TV Guide.

"We explore [Arron's coming back from the dead] emotionally, but we also explore it from a plot standpoint because it becomes this big mystery that our heroes really screwed with reality and The Tower and now they have to sort of reap the consequences of that," the show creator said.

Some of the shows actors also spoke to TV Guide about what fans can expect in season two.

It seems Neville will take a somewhat different approach in how he deals with Julia's death this season, according to "Revolution" star Giancarlo Esposito.

"I think now he realizes that there's a bigger force behind what happened and he's more interested now in bringing that force to justice. In order to realize results at something, there has to be something given up. So I think there will be some lives lost but I think you will find out ultimately what a person's made of inside," Esposito said.

Also a major focus for season two, Monroe and his son, as show star David Lyons explained.

"He has an epiphany of sorts to what he's become and what he needs to do in order to try and search for some kind of redemption. And I think that a lot of that will stem from the fact that he has a family member, a son, out there and a reason to continue on and try to fight," Lyons.