Ric Flair Separation: Wife Charges Multiple 'Illicit' Affairs

Retired pro wrestler Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Fliehr are now seeking a divorce, according to new reports.

Fliehr filed for a separation from Flair earlier this month based on Mecklenberg County court documents in North Carolina. Fliehr allegedly cited the cause of the split was due to "acts of illicit sexual behavior," according to TMZ.

In the documents obtained by the publication, Fliehr accuses her husband of being unfaithful.

"Husband has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties' marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife," it read.

Fliehr, who is the pro wrestlers fourth wife, stated that she had been both "faithful" and "dutiful" since the couple's union in 2009. As part of the arrangement following the split, Flair agreed to pay Fliehr $4,000 a month in spousal support according to TMZ. He also agreed to $15,000 to cover her legal fees and $14,000 in back support; the couple split in July and the agreement was made in October.

But Fliehr now charges that she hasn't received any payment whatsoever. Fliehr claimed that her husband makes over $1 million a year, according to TMZ, but still reneged on his end of the agreement.

Flair, also known by his alias "the Nature Boy," is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Beginning his career with the American Wrestling Association in 1972, he worked as a professional wrestler for over 40 years, earning numerous awards. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008.

Flair announced his retirement in December. Jacqueline, whose maiden name is Beems, was accused of assaulting her husband in February. Charges against her were dropped, however, due to the lack of evidence, after Flair refused to testify.