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Rich Wilkerson Jr. Talks About Infidelity, Masturbation During Recent Interview

Rich Wilkerson Jr. Talks About Infidelity, Masturbation During Recent Interview

Rich Wilkerson Jr., leader of Miami-based The Vous ministry, preaches during The Heart Revolution Conference in San Diego, Calif. | (Photo: Javier Torres Studios)

"The Breakfast Club," a morning show created for New York's hip-hop listening audience, has become quite the go-to spot for preachers and Christian artists lately. During his recent visit to the radio station, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. talked about marrying Kanye and Kim Kardashian West, his new show on Oxygen and much more.

The Oxygen new docu-series called "Rich In Faith" features the popular pastor and his wife, DawnCheré. The show gives a firsthand look into their personal journey as Miami pastors as they strive to change the perception of faith and belief for a new generation of seekers.

While there to promote his new show, Wilkerson's talk with co-host DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God evolved into covering a slew of topics. He talked about why he uses popular rap song titles to preach culturally relevant sermons, explained the theological mystery of the Trinity, and even the importance of Christmas on the secular program.

However things took a turn in another direction when the host opened up to the pastor about their own personal struggles. DJ Envy spoke of a time he cried on air after exposing his infidelity to everyone, something he and his wife have since recovered from.

Charlamagne, who asked many questions about faith and God, soon confessed that he believes "he's a heathen" because of his insistent desire to cheat on his wife or lust after other women.

"You have to start safeguarding yourself," Wilkerson advised. "I think whatever you're focused on, you end up following. Whatever you love is what you're led by. you want to get focused on your wife, you want to get full of her love and that's what you end up getting led by."

"What about masturbation?" Charlamagne asked to which Wilkerson replied, "What about it? the Bible doesn't specifically talk about it. I think the Bible talks a lot about heart issues, and what we think about and what we consider about. So I think you have to answer some of those questions, what are you thinking about?"

The conversation made way for a topic in which Christians have often wrestled with but have rarely talked openly about. An article in Relevant magazine covered the complexity of the issue by showcasing two different sides of the argument with a article title "Is Masturbation a Sin?"

However because of the nature of the conversation, Wilkerson answered directly as both radio personalities sat in silence. The 31-year-old emphasized, "Lust is wrong. If you're to look upon a woman and even think about it, Jesus says you already committed it, so I don't know how you masturbate without lusting."


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