Richard Lustig Tips to Win Powerball Lottery: 7-Time Jackpot Winner's Advice (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter/Julie Loncich)Louise White, winner of a 6 million Powerball.

Richard Lustig has offered tips on how to increase chances of winning the lottery. The 7-time lottery winner believes he has methods that if implemented can help tip the odds in the favor of the user. He has released the tips as Powerball fever has hit America with the jackpot for Wednesday night set at more than $500,000.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 175,000,000, but Lustig believes his tips can help those wanting to win.

Lustig is famous for winning seven separate lottery grand prizes. He insists that "luck has nothing to do with it."

He believes that by understanding the system and playing the system can help increase chances of success, and has led to him releasing his book, "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery."

Lustig tells readers that they must treat winning the lottery like a job. He say the first step of increasing your chances of winning is to increase participation – so he insists he plays the lottery each and every week.

He also advises players to play within their limits strictly and stay within their budget.

"You don't want to wake up Thursday morning and realize you're a loser and then pull your hair out trying to replace the money you spent," he says.

According to the Powerball website 70 to 80 percent of winners have won their fortunes by playing through Quick Picks. However, Lustig opposes that method and tells readers to choose their own numbers instead.

Lustig says, "Every time you buy a quick pick, the set of numbers is unique, which always puts you at the worst odds, one in 175 million."

He insists he has research that will help decide whether a particular number is good.

He hints at his number choosing method (which he only reveals in his book), by revealing that recent Powerball jackpot numbers have numbers that sum up to between 104 and 176, not including the bonus number. He agreed it is not an exact science, but insists that by looking at such statistical guidelines and choosing numbers accordingly it will help chances of winning.

Lustig says he has used his winnings from his 7 jackpots – a third on bills and savings, a third on fun, and a third to buy more lottery tickets.

He concludes, "Don't play for greed. Play smart."

Here is an interview with Richard Lustig below: