Richard Nixon is Gay, According to New Book Rumors (VIDEO)

Author Don Fulsom has claimed that former President Richard Nixon had a gay affair in his new biography, Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President.

President Nixon, with edited transcripts of Nixon White House Tape conversations during broadcast of his address to the Nation.National Archives & Records AdministrationPresident Nixon, with edited transcripts of Nixon White House Tape conversations during broadcast of his address to the Nation.


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Fulsom provides evidence that suggests that President Nixon engaged in an affair with best friend and banker, Charles “Bebe” Rebozo.

The book reveals several incidents that imply Nixon was gay, which include cuddling, awkward swimming pool games between Nixon and Rebozo, and three instances of the two men holding hands.

It also cites a letter between Rebozo and friend Richard Danner in which Danner refers to frequent invitations by Rebozo to stay overnight at his home. Later Danner insults Nixon to which Rebozo responded, "Frankly, you are not my type."

Others also attest to the unusual relationship between Nixon and Rebozo. In the Sparticus Educational, Author and History Teacher John Simkin refers to the close relationship between Nixon and Rebozo.

The article reads, “In one interview, his wife (Jane Lucke) said ‘Bebe's favorites are Richard Nixon, his cat - and then me.’”

It also said, “One of Rebozo's friends, Jake Jernigan, claimed that: ‘He (Rebozo) loved Nixon more than he loved anybody’.”

Fulsom also mentions reporters who claim Nixon was unusually close to Rebozo and particularly affectionate when he had a few drinks.

The book reveals that Nixon and his wife had separate bedrooms at the White House and in his vacation home in Key Biscayne, where his wife slept in a separate building and Rebozo slept near Nixon, a room over. It also claims one of Nixon’s former military aides had a covert job “to teach the President how to kiss his wife” so that they would look like a convincing couple.

However some, who identify themselves as “Nixonphiles” call the book “slanderous.” Bill McAllister commented about the article and said that taped phone conversations between the two are brief and imply that Rebozo was a player with the ladies.

Another commenter, Duane Christensen, said the book was unoriginal and had no basis.

“I've read with chagrin many of his (Don Fulsom) comments on Nixon over the past years, most are based on things that I had read elsewhere but without taking heed to the extenuating facts,” he said.

The book will be released Jan. 30, only two months after Clint Eastwood’s movie “J. Edgar”, about a prolific FBI officer, upset FBI agents because it alleged that John Edgar Hoover was gay.

 The Christian Post Daily Report 12.28.11