Richard Sherman Jersey Breaks's Top 10 Despite Post-Game Comments

Despite the recent discussion surrounding Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's post-game rant on Sunday, the Super Bowl bound defender has one of the bestselling jerseys this year.

Three Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, running back Marshawn Lynch and cornerback Richard Sherman, are among the top 10 best-selling jerseys in the league, according to sales rankings provided from

Sales have been tallied from the start of the NFL's fiscal year on April 1, 2013, through last week.

No Seahawks player ever has finished the season in the top 10 since the league began collecting data for its best-selling jerseys in 2001 and Sherman is the only defensive player to make the top ten this year.

Sherman has been the topic of discussion for much of the week after giving an impassioned post-game interview with Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews after the game on Sunday.

"Richard let me ask you, the final play, take me through it (the interception)," Andrews asked.

"Well I'm the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtreee that's the result you're gonna get! Don't you ever talk about me!" he screamed into the microphone.

"Who was talking about you?" Andrews asked.

"Crabtree. Don't you open your mouth about the best or imma shut it for you real quick!" he continued. "L-O-B!" L.O.B. stands for Legion of Boom, Seattle's nickname for their defense.

Stanford coach David Shaw knows Sherman from his college days. He wasn't surprised by the player's brash postgame rant against 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

"That's Richard," Stanford coach David Shaw told Fox Sports. "It was in the moment. Bill Walsh said you want guys with high character who are great players and great people. But every once in a while, you have to line up and defend Jerry Rice. And the guy who does that has to be on the edge. That's where Richard is."