Rick Bieber of '5th Quarter' Talks Future Films

The writer, director, and producer behind "The 5th Quarter," Rick Bieber, has opened up about upcoming projects.

Bieber began his career in the New York offices of Columbia Pictures Industries and went on to earn degrees from both Vermont Law School and Hofstra University.

He has owned and operated his own independent company, but has served as the chief executive at companies such as HBO and Stonebridge Entertainment – a company he formed in partnership with Michael Douglas.

While speaking to The Christian Post this week, Bieber explained that the six years he worked as an executive were "unique and luxurious."

"We were working on projects that were not reliant on box office revenues and could do films that were compelling, important, and provocative," Bieber said.

On working with "Wall Street" icon Michael Douglas, Bieber noted that the actor is incredibly intelligent as well as talented.

His experience as an executive has largely influenced his filmmaking today. By incorporating thought-provoking situations and uplifting messages, Bieber has gained prominence in the film industry. A few of his films include "Crazy," "Flatliners," as well as last year's "The 5th Quarter."

Bieber told CP what his goals are when creating new ideas for movies.

"I try to create very real and genuine situations and people that the audience can invest in and relate to," explained the director. "I gravitate toward ideas about moral character, uplifting messages, and choices that need to me made, and the ramifications of those choices."

Bieber has worked with some of today's biggest stars over the course of his career. His psychological thriller "Flatliners" saw an A-list cast consisting of Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, and Oliver Platt.

"It was a story of medical students who were searching for the next frontier," explained Bieber of the 1990 film. "It saw moral underpinnings, reconciling sins, and atonement."

Also in line with his forward-thinking filmmaking, "The 5th Quarter" was based on the true story of a 15-year-old's tragic death, and a community coming together to heal. The film also encouraged the idea of organ donation and worked closely with Donate Life of America in spreading awareness to serve a greater purpose than sheer entertainment.

A self-proclaimed "dog-lover," Bieber gave CP a sneak peek into the beginnings of an upcoming movie about a military service dog.

"There are between twenty-two to twenty-three hundred dogs trained as working dogs at a Naval base in Texas," explained the director who is currently developing the story about a family who adopts a retired military dog after losing the father in battle.

"The dog helps the family heal and move forward – it's joyful and uplifting," said the director.

"The incredibly well-trained dogs are either retired or dismissed from military service on account of some inadequacy," explained Beiber, who added that even the "reject" dogs still largely outshine ordinary house pets.

Still in very early stages, the film does not have a title or actors named yet, but Bieber revealed that he is leaning toward using the same breed of dog he has at home: a labrador.

Bieber, in his partnership with Mission Pictures, strives for "a slate of films that share core values, that are family friendly and inspirational."