Rick Ross Believes In Future Deal With Reebok?

Rick Ross, the 37-year-old Miami, Fla. rapper, insists that he still loves Reebok after the brand dropped him as a sponsor and may believe that there is a future business opportunity with the sports apparel brand.

Ross came under fire when he appeared on fellow rapper Rocko's song "You Don't Even Know It." In the song, Ross speaks about drugging a woman with a drug made popular in the rap industry - molly.

After UltraViolet, a community of individuals fighting for women's rights, protested along with dozens of women who presented thousands of petitions and signs that read, "Hey Reebok-- Want my business? Stop promoting rape. Drop Rick Ross," the sports apparel company dropped him.

However, Ross still wears the brand and says he thinks highly of Reebok who may also still have business opportunities for him in the future.

"Well, you know, as far as me man I just still love wearing Reebok. That's just always been a vibe of mine and I'm still rocking with Reeboks," Ross told L.A. Leakers recently. "I feel like when the time presents itself, if it is meant to be we gon' make that announcement and let the streets and everybody know what the deal is. But other than that I'm just rocking Reeboks."

The rapper explained his thoughts about people protesting his lyrics which ultimately got him dropped from the brand.

"You know me, I really don't take it too personal. I just feel like Hip Hop is the biggest force in the world right now," Ross told L.A. Leakers. "..At the end of the day we're writers, we're entertainers. It's just like writing a film. It's just like Scorsese or Tarantino. We may direct a film you may not like."

Still, the rapper explains why he offered apologies to those who were offended by his lyrics.

"…For anyone that was [taken] advantage of or raped or so on, that's who that apology was sent for," Ross said.