Rick Ross Explains Seizures; Thanks Adversary 50 Cent

Rick Ross has made his first public appearance since suffering from two seizures last month. Ross told BET how a lack of sleep put his health at risk and why he kept working despite doctors orders.

Ross appeared on the video countdown show “106 & Park” Tuesday, in his first interview since suddenly becoming ill on a flight. The rapper and music mogul said he is feeling much better.

"I’m feeling wonderful," Ross said after greeting screaming fans in the live studio audience.

The rapper explained what took place when he suffered from two seizures last month.

"I was going about my business, every day I boarded a flight. On the flight I had a seizure,” Ross said. “When I snapped out of it and they told me what happened I’m like 'your bugging call a jet.’ We're fittin' to keep it moving."

Ross said he did not take his first seizure seriously, because he was uninformed about the illness.

“Growing up and hearing about seizures (I thought) they can be violent, bust vessels and you can bite your tongue up. In my case it wasn't (any) of that,” Ross explained. “I felt
a little worn out but I felt like I could keep going. I boarded a jet and I had another seizure.”

Upon recovering from his second seizure, Ross said a doctor explained the cause.

“When I snapped out of that one I woke up in front of a doctor and he basically (asked) ‘when was the last time you had 8 hours (of sleep),’” Ross said, recalling his medical experience. "Man it had to be at least 5 yrs."

The rapper blamed his ambition for his lack of rest.

“Being the fastest growing label in the game, wanting to be the number one label in the game, it comes with a lot of sacrifices and in my case it was sleep,” Ross said. “I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving.”

The experience caused Ross to reflect, and even thank rapper and adversary, 50 cent, who wished the rapper well when he was ill.

“If it was genuine I appreciate it,” Ross said. “If that’s the case I thank you homie.”

Ross said he would focus on taking care of himself more to avoid similar situations in the future.

“It’s all about us taking care of ourselves. Coming from the hood and being put in this position it makes no sense to become a multi-millionaire and not being here to enjoy it with your family and your loved ones,” Ross said in the interview. “I’m going to stay focused and make sure I do the right thing.”