Rick Ross Seizure: Rapper's Former Girlfriend Blames Def Jam for Seizure Attacks

Rapper Rick Ross' recent seizure attacks have caught many fans by surprise. The rapper's former girlfriend, however, said she knew it would happen because the rapper, born William Leonard Roberts II, has been hustling everyday.

Elise Neal, who starred in the hit movie "Hustle & Flow," told Rumorfix.com, "I hate to say this, but I saw this coming."

Neal, who dated Ross earlier this year, blamed his record label, Def Jam, for recklessly overworking him.

"I think they're [his record label] pushing him too hard," Neal said. "I know he's very career driven, but I don't think they take enough time to care about what they’re doing to his body."

She added: "They don't think about him or his health - pushing him to do all these videos, pushing tours and shows. He is not 20 years old anymore. No one seems to care about him really or overall his health."

On Friday, Ross suffered a seizure aboard an airplane on his way to a show in Memphis. The plane made an emergency landing soon after take-off in Florida and Ross was taken to the emergency room.

After he was declared fit to leave, Ross attempted to make into Memphis for his show, even tweeting that the show was still on. However, he suffered another seizure on the way there and has since canceled upcoming shows for the time being.

Neal blamed Ross' entourage for deluding him into thinking he was healthy enough to travel to Memphis, saying, "If you have a medical emergency … if you have the people who are closest around you saying 'You're alright' - you're going to be more apt to say 'I'm alright.' "

 According to BET, Ross and Neal went on several dates earlier this year. Their relationship allegedly ended after he was seen with other women.