Rick Ross Seizures: Text of 9/11 Emergency Phone Call That Saved Rick Ross' Life

Earlier this month rapper Rick Ross suffered a seizure while in flight to an event, now after two weeks the 911 call from the plane has surfaced.

TMZ was able to obtain the audio from Delta and reports a conversation between a Delta Airlines representative and a dispatcher.

Dispatcher- "9/11 what's your emergency?"

Delta- "Hi, this is Delta airlines, I have an aircraft returning with a medical emergency, he'll be at terminal two, B-6, in about 15 minutes."

Dispatcher- "15?"

Delta- "Yes m’am."

Delta- "They are reporting a passenger in first class."

Dispatcher- "Ok, so it's going to be Delta airlines at gate B 5, as in Delta 5?"

Delta- "Delta 6."

Dispatcher- "Oh, Delta 6, ok."

Delta- "Delta 6."

Dispatcher- "Ok, alright thanks."

The performer, whose real name is William Roberts, had a seizure on his flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., heading to Memphis, Tenn., where he was opening a chicken wing restaurant.

The plane made an emergency landing at 12:55 p.m. EST on Oct. 14, just minutes after take-off – where he was met by EMT workers who frantically tried to resuscitate him.

At 2:05 p.m. EST Ross tweeted to fans that he was ok. He also said he still had plans to perform that night at the FedExForum in Memphis even though he was still hospitalized at the time of the announcement, but eventually canceled after suffering a second seizure on a private flight.

The rapper's friend, DJ Khaled, eventually came to his aid and picked Ross up in his tour van so he didn't have to fly.

He was scheduled to perform at a homecoming bash Oct. 21, but pulled out because of his illness, according to Georgia State officials.

George F. Baker, concert director, spoke to local radio station WSB saying, "We are disappointed he had to cancel, but completely understand that Rick Ross needs to take care of…himself at this time. We hope he is better soon."

Due to the short notice of the cancellation, the venue did not have enough time to find a replacement, so instead, offered a refund to the customers.