Ricky Naputi, 900 lb. Man, in a Race to Lose Weight (VIDEO)

A new documentary on television will the follow the life of a man who weighs over 900 pounds and his attempt to lose weight for a life-saving surgery.

Ricky Naputi weighs approximately 900 pounds. He has been struggling with his weight for over a decade. Living of the coast of Guam, he can't remember the last time he saw the shoreline. Nor does he remember what its like to take a shower and feel the running water. His wife of 10 years, Cheryl, gives him sponge baths instead.

"The last time I got out and enjoyed myself must have been years," Naputi said on "900 Pound Man: The Race Against Time," a documentary that aired Wednesday night on TLC. "I miss feeling the sun on my face. Miss showering, feeling the water run down my body."

The documentary will cover Naputi's attempt to lose weight and enable him to travel. At current, leaving the house is an issue because most modes of public transportation are incapable of handling his excessive weight. But in order to live, Naputi requires surgery that is a flight away form his hometown.

"I'm willing to try my best, my one goal and my one goal only is to get my life back," Naputi says while waiting to meet with the doctor.

His wife on the other hand, admits that while she cares for him, she does not always have the strength to improve his willpower.

"No matter how much I try, I always tend to give in to my husband. It's really hard! My husband wears the pants in this relationship you know," Cheryl told cameras.

Despite that, Cheryl is required to do everything for her husband, which includes bathing him, shopping for him, and feeding him.

"It's like taking care of an overgrown baby," she admitted.