Righetti Leaving 'Mentalist' as CBS Reveals Red John

Amanda Righetti is one of two original cast members that will leave "The Mentalist" at the end of Season 6.

As CBS prepares for the unmasking of Red John, new changes will have to occur. One of those changes includes the loss of two original cast members, Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman. In the show the male and female actress have been tangled in an on-again, off-again romance.

Season 5 ended with the couple reuniting once again. But CBS has promised viewers that it will unveil the character of Red John. Sources suggested that eliminating the two cast members might have something to do with that unveiling. The people responsible for the show, however, have given away few clues.

"I can neither confirm or deny," series creator Bruno Heller said in a statement. "But this is the most dramatic and game changing season and anything can happen."

CBS and Time Warner have also failed to comment on any changes to the show. "The Mentalist" will return for its sixth season on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. E.T. But it appears that interest in the show has waned.

"I like Simon Baker, but this show has been going nowhere for about four seasons now," one user wrote on the site blog.

Some fans complained that they were tired of not knowing who Red John was.

"Simon Baker went from Emmy nominated in Season 1 to ... off the radar. He's a fine actor and deserves a better written show. The hunt for Red John was tired seasons ago," another wrote.

A different fan complained that removing Righetti and Yeoman from the show would not be enough to make it more interesting, even if Red John was revealed.

"Righetti and Yeoman leaving, that's not going to help the show, fix the scripts their boring," the fan complained on an E! news blog.