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Right-to-Die Groups in England Increase Lobbying Efforts

Right-to-Die Groups in England Increase Lobbying Efforts

There is considerable attention being brought to assisted suicide and euthanasia in England recently. Several groups in favor of changing laws concerned with such acts have increased their lobbying of members of the British Parliament.

Dr. Peters Saunders, regarded as the leading advocate of right-to-life supporters, has cautioned that there will be an increase in the level of activity by those individuals and organizations that are pushing for new laws for those who wish to end their lives.

"Their glossy propaganda inserts are spilling out of commercial publications; they are spending hundreds of thousands; and clearly believe this is their year," Saunders told the Christian Institute.

Even with the onslaught of right-to-die groups such as Dignity in Dying, advocating that those who are at the end of their lives or those who have degenerative ailments should be allowed the option to end their life, the British Medical Association (BMA) is holding firm that everyone is entitled to live the length of their life.

Last week the BMA voted to uphold the current laws relating to assisted suicide and decided not to switch the BMA's position on assisted suicide from "opposed" to "neutral."

Doctor Dai Samuel who spoke at the BMA's annual conference last week stated: "We must question what as doctors we stand for. I simply stand for looking after my patients and providing high quality care."

He added: "I do not consider the killing of patients – whatever the reason is – justified. That is murder and I cannot commit that offence."

A recent poll of doctors in England showed that 65 percent were against changing or altering current laws regarding assisted suicide.

Dr. Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the BMA, echoed the sentiment of doctors in England, "I have always felt I have been able, in almost every occasion, to support my patients when they were dying without having to actively end their lives."



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