Rihanna 3 Hours Late for Boston Concert (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Youtube/VEVO - RihannaRihanna films the video for "Take A Bow"

Rihanna arrived 3 hours late for her concert in Boston on Monday night, according to reports.

Fans who had come out for the popular singer's "Diamonds Tour" concert were visibly agitated as they waited for a ridiculously long period for the singer to come out and perform.

When Rihanna did finally come out, she also reportedly offered no explanation as to why she was so late, and also only performed for about an hour.

Some reports have described that the some fans, obviously disgruntled by the turn of events, repeatedly booed her during her short play list.

Fans have come to expect Rihanna to come out a bit late, and she has been late on stage numerous times throughout her "Diamonds Tour" so far, but this three hour hold up was the worst by far to date.

A number of angry fans also took to social media sites to complain about the delay and the concert on Monday.

However, the singer seemed oblivious to the anger from some of her fans, as she later tweeted: "#BOSTON I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!!"

Some have commented that Rihanna's tardiness was down to her recent split with Chris Brown.

Brown, 24, celebrated his birthday on Sunday and has been partying around the country. However, he recently revealed that he is no longer dating Rihanna, 25, on Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie Show.

Although the singer-songwriter did not detail why the pair had split, he did let it be known that he planned to make other things in his life a priority. He spoke to the radio show about partying in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York without his on-and-off again girlfriend.

"Imma do it solo," Brown told The Kyle and Jackie Show. "I mean, at the end of the day, shorty doing her own thang, she on the road. It's always gonna be love. I'm a grown man, just gotta fast forward."

While Brown made it clear that he still had love for Rihanna, he revealed that he was going to make himself a priority.

"I'm always gonna love that person. I can't be focused on wife-ing someone that young," Brown told the radio show. "I need to be the best Chris Brown I can be."

Here is a video clip of Rihanna's Boston concert: